Thursday, February 3, 2011

Use special codes to add commands to the Windows Explorer Command Bar

I like having the Show the Preview pane button on the Command Bar in Windows Explorer, but when I use it, I want to hide the Navigation Pane and the Details Pane to give me more room for the preview, as shown in Figure A. However, to get there, I have to go to the Organize menu, access the Layout menu, and select the Details Pane toggle, and then I have to go back through all that again to select the Details Pane toggle. It is a real pain (pun intended). I have always wished that Microsoft had put buttons or commands on the Command Bar for those two options, just like they did for the Preview Pane button. Recently, I discovered a set of keys in the Registry, one for each type of Library, that are designed to configure the context-sensitive Command Bars that appear in Windows Explorer. Read more.