Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Troubleshoot a wireless connection in Windows 7 with a firmware upgrade

Like many folks out there, my father has been a Microsoft Windows XP holdout. He’s upgraded to newer and more powerful machines several times over the years to keep pace with his computerized photography hobby, but each time, he has installed Windows XP. I don’t blame him for skipping Vista as it was notoriously out of whack with several of his favorite photography programs.

This past weekend, I finally succeeded in getting him to make the move to Windows 7 on the laptop, but only as long as we set it as a Windows XP/Windows 7 dual-boot system.

Setting up the dual-boot configuration was a breeze, and soon we were booting up Windows 7 Ultimate on his laptop. Everything was going smoothly, and I was extolling the benefits of Windows 7 with a big smile on my face until the laptop attempted to connect to his wireless network.

At that moment, the whole network came tumbling down, and I was soon embroiled in one of the trickiest troubleshooting expeditions I have been involved in for some time. Fortunately, the story has a happy ending, and everything is now working fine. But, because this type of situation could easily befall and befuddle others out there, I thought that I would chronicle my trials and tribulations in an effort to save others from this fate. Read more.