Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Restore a lost feature and install XP's Backup Utility into Windows Vista

My recent blog post, Microsoft Bows to Feedback and Brings Back Real File Backup in Windows 7, raised quite a bit of conversation in the TechRepublic Community Forums about how much members liked XP’s Backup Utility, which, by the way, was licensed by Microsoft from Veritas Software. This company specialized in storage management software, including the very popular Backup Exec for SOHO and NetBackup for the enterprise. (Incidentally, Backup Exec originally came from the Seagate Software acquisition.) With a heritage like this it is no wonder that Windows XP’s Backup Utility was so effective and easy to use, not to mention so well liked by XP users.

In this edition of the Windows Vista and Windows 7 Report, I’ll show you how to install Windows XP’s Backup Utility in Windows Vista.