Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Microsoft cries uncle when it comes to bundled Windows 7 features

In my recent TechRepublic Microsoft Windows blog, “Be Ready for New and Improved Applets in Windows 7,” I told you that three of the four standard Windows applets have been endowed with some new features and updated user-interface components. In the ensuing discussion, many of you grumbled about having to put up with Windows default applets.

Well, for those of you who grumbled and for those of you who over the years have opted not to use, but still had to contend with, the Windows operating system’s default applets and features, have I got news for you! With the recent Release Candidate for Windows 7, Microsoft has finally given us more control over what Windows features we can turn off. They have also completely removed some features from the operating system.

As such, I think it is safe to say that Microsoft has finally given in to the demands of those Windows users who really want to be able to choose which features they want to use. (Antitrust lawsuits may have been a factor too.)

In this issue of the Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 Report, I’ll tell you what features are gone and show you what features you can now turn off.